Brilliant Investment Ideas for College Students

  • Lyndsay Boyles
  • 2017-02-10
  • gehryjumjghfg

    Perhaps you are a student, still in college and have some extra cash that you don’t want to waste on booze and other short-term things and you think investing the money is a good option or you just have future goals that you think can be beatable if you invest the money. You decide to invest the money but cannot find a good opportunity to invest the money in. Here are a few of the best investment ideas for college students.

    1. Campus fast food shop

    grhjtukgerSince the number of students in a college is usually so big and most of them prefer having food on the move as they go from one class to another, they usually opt to get food from fast food outlets. Having such a shop targets a large niche which will always deliver the sales targets for you even during weekends and holidays. You may end up saving, even more, money because you can employ students on the part-time basis instead of hiring professionals who may demand huge paychecks. You can have three or more branches of your enterprise at different parts of the campus compound just to increase the revenues. If you materialize this idea, then you can be sure of massive returns even before completing college.

    2. Beauty parlor

    Most of the female students in college are at a stage in their lives where appearance means everything to them. Consequently, they end up spending almost all their allowance on their appearance. This is where the beauty parlor comes in. If you have such a business in the campus, then the students will have an easier alternative to going outside the campus, and this means business for you!

    The return on investment in this field of business is also pretty huge! By the time you are graduating, you may have enough money to expand the business and may even end up doing the beauty business for life.

    3. Buy an uber or hire your car out

    fjtkfthThat car you own and barely use can be an idle gold mine on your parking lot. Hiring your car out or giving it out to Uber can rake up a huge amount of income for you while ensuring that your car remains efficient and well-serviced rather than having it parked all week long and used it over the weekends or sometimes even never.

    If you take up one of these ideas and get serious with it, you will end up having a reasonable investment tips for your future and also have a good piece of business to increase your margins of income. You might even end up paying your student loan while still in school!